Portraits of the Colombian Caribbean Coast

These portraits were made in the Magdalena Department, where Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born, the tallest mountain in front of the sea in this world and the place where the United Fruit Company with the help of the Colombian army killed thousands of protesters of the bananas farms protesting for real salaries not a voucher for food. These portraits are very related to the culture I was raised, the caribbean man, a surreal universe of exuberant natural beauty and resources ruled by an absent govern if not destructor and corrupt, not allowing the society to grow even with basic public services like, water sewage system, aqueduct or electricity of quality. This land is full of common men with a tight relationship with the earth and nature, farmers and fishermens always have live in this land, also the ancient indigenous cultures. In this land all races mixed, before spreading to the rest of the country, for centuries almost all come to Colombia by this lands. This mixture give live to a culture with no social boundaries at interaction, and the abundant natural resources always keep the thoughts of the humble people away from worries of the hungry or the lack education, infrastructure or even their civil rights, for them never have them and the landlords own everything and let them live happy with the music and the common things of life. Thats the caribbean men, the man who is happy with the simple things of life, dream a lot and have intimate relationship with the nature.This Photos are portraits of many kind of men and women that are inhabitants of these lands, people I found in the streets and in the small towns of my state during the time I lived there and my trips to visit. Common scenes of life and characters of all kind are part of this big portrait of my people.
35mm film and Digital photography