Reflections and other loves

Reflections and other loves is the result of begining to photography my hometown, Ciénaga, Magdalena, Colombia, Which in rain season always get flooded becouse the corruptive goverment never have improve or make a bigger sewage system. Because this misfortunate event I began to photograph the people and my town reflected on the water that remain for hours and sometimes days sorrunding people houses and streets. I found some beuty in this everyday life reflected on the water, bring to me different dimenssions and visual prespectives.

With the time the Concept evolve, or the exercise of being aware of light and reflections have made that whatever I move I found reflections that are quite interesting in the sense of dimension, space, volume and of course perspective.
hats how now based in NYC I keep finding reflections in the city or in the nature which contain this principle of creating an space that evokes but not reproduces scenes of nature or common life.