Artist Statement

I think that an artist in order to find himself must practice and enjoy art in all the languages it has, from literature to painting, or filmmaking to sculpture, what it matters is to explore themes and languages to express or capture the inner self or communicate with the world surrounding us. My photography work is a reflection of these idea, is very heterogeneous, got different themes, and different kind of formats or practices.

I think is necessary explore these possibilities, because when you are speaking about a theme that truly moves your spirit, you are being honest with the world and this is important for an artist I think, being truly to your techniques and themes.

The image universe got many possibilities to explore, what I really look in the images I capture or build is a true sense of gesture, a real gesture; I can find this in places, objects or people I see in the street, or also could be taken from a abstract image or a image build with any method, the gesture and the rhythim is what catch my attention and feelings when I see anything and this is what I also try to show in my photography work.


I was born in Cienaga, in 1987 Magdalena in the caribbean coast of Colombia. My main studies at school were literature and humanities. I start to do photography when I was 17 and one year later in 2005 start my filmmaking studies.

in 2010 I Had my first photography show in Santa Marta Colombia and I keep working in making my photographs to be exhibited.
I graduate in 2012 as a filmmaker from La Universidad del Magdalena, in Santa Marta, Colombia.
in 2015 I moved to US living in NYC where I continue my practice.

Publications and Exhibitions